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Rene R. Lewin

Rene R. Lewin is President of RRLCapital,LLC and invests in business startups by providing both seed capital and Series A/B capital.  RRLCapital seeks to invest in technology driven companies whose products or services provide a unique competitive advantage.  

Rene Lewin received a BS in Business from Purdue University and an MBA from Butler University.  He retired from Wyeth in 2008 as Senior Vice President, Human Resources.  Prior to joining Wyeth ,  Rene worked for Eli Lilly where he held a variety of positions including President, Eli Lilly Canada, Executive Director Human Resources, and Executive Director of Corporate Affairs.

Rene Lewin taught for 4 years as a visiting professor at the Krannert School of Business at Purdue University's MBA program.  He currently serves on the Krannert School of Business board of advisors and was recognized by the school in 2016 , when he received the prestigious  alumni of the year award.

Rene Lewin serves on the Board of Directors of Prosolia, Inc and MobileQubes, Inc. 

Rene and his wife Karen manage the Rene and Karen Lewin Charitable Fund which supports scholarships for women and minorities attending Purdue's Krannert School of Business and supports Gleaner Food Bank , which provides food for the homeless and needy in the central Indiana area.

Current Investments

iScribes Inc.

iScribes equips physicians with a secure mobile and smartwatch based virtual scribe solution enabling them to easily record patient encounters. Recordings are then accessed by trained medical scribes who prepare documentation directly in the providers' EMR systems, saving hours of physician time that would otherwise be wasted on dictation or typing. This solution frees physicians to remain focused on their patients, instead of computers, and eliminates after-hours work on documentation.

Iscribes was sold in November, 2017

Prosolia, Inc.

Prosolia develops, manufactures and sells innovative scientific equipment that ease and expand the use of mass spectrometry by research and diagnostics laboratories. Our products provide scientifically valuable molecular information from cells and tissue sections for histology applications, as well as, quantitative data on drugs and metabolites in biological fluids for toxicology applications. Both instruments are capable of near point of care use.

Rene Lewin serves on the Board of Directors.

Asset sale of Desi  in July, 2018

Vital Vio, Inc.

Vital Vio's primary strength is its engineering, microbiology and clinical research capabilities. Vital Vio has attracted and retained a strong core of engineering expertise that has demonstrated its capacity to invent, and improve upon, unique, innovative technologies as well as conceive and develop new market-ready products at an extraordinarily high level of accomplishment. Our overarching vision is to become the industry leader in the research, engineering and development of high-end specialized infection control systems addressing Public Health and commercial issues by combating microorganisms responsible for infections and contamination. 


Boosterville is a credit card-linked marketing platform which connects merchants to cause driven buyers. Boosterville's technology converts charitable donation requests into increased revenue for participating merchants, acquires and retains new customers, provides multi-channel communications loop between merchants, non-profits and cause-driven buyers; and delivers a new funding source for school-based organizations and other non-profits.

Stock sale to Beyond in August, 2018


PhotoniCare is a medical device company that is fundamentally changing the way physicians manage middle ear infections. With the ClearView device, physicians can now see through the eardrum to directly and harmlessly visualize the middle ear. Our patented technology enables physicians to determine quickly and easily the contents of the middle ear, which determine whether a patient needs antibiotics or surgical intervention. We have third-generation prototypes in multi-site clinical studies and are pursuing final FDA clearance. 

Inscope Medical

Inscope Medical Solution is a medical device company focused on developing low cost, disposable, connected medical devices. Our first device is the Inscope Laryngoscope, an innovative technology that optimizes intubation, improving this high-risk procedure's efficiency, speed and safety, while saving lives and lowering costs to healthcare providers.

SonarMed, Inc.

SonarMed provides advanced solutions for precise, real-time endotracheal tube monitoring aimed at improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare provider costs and risks. Headquartered in Indianapolis SonarMed  is launching the first product in its portfolio, the SonarMed Airway Monitoring System (AMS). SonarMed AMS is a new development in respiratory care that uses acoustic echo technology to provide clinicians with critical information regarding the status of the endotracheal tube. It can be used in the critical care, emergency medicine, and surgical applications as both an intubation aid and as a 24/7 monitoring system for the artificial airway. SonarMed is committed to creating innovative solutions to the clinical challenges of respiratory care.

Seikowave Energy, Inc.

We provide inspection tools based on our intellectual property that save our customers money. Seikowave Energy develops infrastructure assessment and repair solutions for the energy, chemical, building, and transportation markets based on mobile robotic control methods, patented 3D imaging technology and the ability to combine these capabilities with other assessment and repair technologies. Our customers use our tools (hardware & software) to maintain compliance with government regulations, to improve operational efficiency, and to appropriately and cost-effectively repair damage. We generate revenue through the sale of hardware and through recurring revenue associated with our software, Seikowave Energy is wholly-owned subsidiary of Seikowave Inc.


Spintech,LLC. develops, manufactures, and markets patented advanced material technology for complex geometric products.  Spintech is the only provider of Shape Memory Polymer tooling solutions, which include Smart Bladder, Smart Caul, Smart Mandrel, and Smart Surface. Primary customers include aerospace and ordnance.

Bell Biosystems

Bell Biosystems is a synthetic biology company focused on it's Magnell-powering product platform for cell labeling and tracking in the development and clinical assessment of cell therapeutics. Bell Biosystems can assess ex vivo labeled cell's in the body for viability , fate and durability using the Company's biological tagging platform.  Early applications are for small/large pre-clinical work and human trials.


Moocho is the college rewards and payment app, where students pay with their mobile phone at local merchants usually within a 1 to 2 mile radius of the campus.  The students get access to exclusive deals and rewards within the merchant network.  Moocho partners directly with universities providing services such as facilitating distribution of athletics meals stipends and bringing campus debit dollars off campus. These partnerships give Mooch direct access to the student body at large where Moocho is able to capitalize on the spend of 20 million students spending $75 billion .   Merchants include local businesses and national businesses such as PapaJohns, CVS, Chick Fil A, Starbucks, Dairy Queen, Subway, Waffle House, JimmyJohns, and Kroger to name just a few.

Elevate K-12

Elevate K-12 is a virtual classroom targeting schools that cannot provide the necessary educational opportunities for class sizes of 25+ students. At each participating school, a physical room is dedicated as a space for students to visit so that each student may participate in virtual classes. A teacher or aid is assigned on premise to help monitor the room and to provide any in person support that the students may need.  After the student has participated in the class an examination is given to the student to evaluate the students understanding of the material. Elevate K-12 offers live instruction and has seen 30% increase in student academic scores after 30 hours of Elevate K-12 intervention. Elevate K-12 has a 92% class completion rate and an 89% student approval and satisfaction rating.


FokusLabs is the creator of RE-vibe, a wearable wristband which performs to actively improve the focus , productivity and academic engagement time of students through tactile reminder vibrations . A most recently study shows the wearable device with  a 38% gain in work improvement.  FokusLabs has recently introduced ReVibe Connect , the next generation anti-distraction wearable wrist band device with real-time data analytics, including intelligent auto-adaptive reminders via machine learning.  Initially funded by the US Department of Education , this anti-distraction wearable device is being used by parents and schools nationwide for students who may lack focus on their school work and other academic activities.


MentorCliq  is a SaaS solution for employee development programs.  The platform technology allows for various levels of mentoring in an employee's career and matches employees to company mentors.  The platform has the ability to interface with existing Learning Management Systems and Talent Management programs.  Studies have shown that effective mentoring programs leads to 5 times more promotions, 21% improvements in productivity , and 43% higher employee retention.  The award winning software developed by MentorCliQ has been recognized as the most successful matching algorithm available on the market  and software that intentionally drives employee engagement, development, and retention.


Anglr has developed a SaaS app for the avid fisherman.  Anglr makes it easy to start fishing and continue to track data related to improving the experience.  The Anglr app uses GPS to help capture comprehensive summaries of each fishing days.  The avid fisherman spends time planning, tracking bug hatches, locating fishing spots, securing licenses, reviewing forecasts  and talking to guides.  Anglr using sensor technologies has captured the entire fishing experience on a mobile device.  The 17,000,000 avid fisherman (17 fishing trips per year) in the US will find the use of Anglr software and hardware an easy way to record and retain their fishing experience information.



MobileQubes is a convenience supplier of branded and certified battery charger for mobile phones and pads.  The battery can be rented or purchased at Kiosks that are strategically and contractually deployed in high traffic areas. MobileQubes has contracts with Amtrac, MGM, Casears, Chicago transit systems, NYC port authority train and subway, LA transit systems, numerous airports and hotels.  MobileQubes has developed a centralized software so that they are able to monitor the entire network of Kiosks and has a large data base of users.  The kiosks also provide advertising opportunities for companies that want to promote their products and services.  Rene Lewin is a member of the Board of Directors of MobileQubes, Inc.


Healionics is a Seattle-based medical device company that has developed a novel synthetic porous biomaterial called STAR.Healionics has the opportunity to address a severe unmet need in the near-term and generate an exciting pipeline of future products based on it platform biomaterial technology.

Healionics has completed successful large animal trials and will begin its first 50 patient human trials using Healionics biomaterial coated graft in 25 patients undergoing Kidney dialysis in late 2018 and file for FDA 510k approval in Q3-2019.  A spinout of the biomaterial platform technology named iStar Medical, SA recently announced exceptional results of their first in human micro-invasive glaucoma surgery trial for the MINIject device in a standalone setting. Results show MINIject to safe and highly effective in achieving significant intraocular pressure reduction in glaucoma patients. Healionics is a 20% ownership in iStar Medical SA.

Idle Smart

Idle Smart solves truck fleets unnecessary idling and prevents loss of battery power by using its proprietary hardware and software solution to continuously monitor the truck's battery voltage, engine temperature, cabin temperature and the vehicle's computer.  Its technology is connected to the truck's ignition and can automatically start and stop the truck to charge its batteries or warm the engine . Idle Smart addresses and solves the two key operating metric every fleet focuses on:fuel efficiency and vehicle uptime.  Idle Smart is a patented solution and can help fleets save roughly $3000 in fuel per vehicle per year and improve uptime by maintaining voltage level and engine warmth and loss of battery power.  It offers a payback to fleet managers of less than a year just in fuel savings alone per truck and a significant return on the investment for the life of the truck.  Idle Smart's technology is significantly less to buy and install than current Automatic Power Units(APU) and offers the trucking industry a truck driver friendly option to enhance cabin comfort.

Salarius Pharmaceutical LLC

Salarius Pharmaceuticals based in Houston, Texas is an oncology company developing novel epigenetic therapies for cancer."Epigenetics" literally mean "above genetics" and refers to master"gatekeeper proteins" that individually control thousands of genes in your DNA.  If cancer is a tree than traditional cancer therapies might cut off  one or two branches because they target one or two key proteins.  The Salarius epigenetic cancer therapy pulls out the roots of the tree to  completely eradicate the tumor. The compound is unique in that it stops the formation of new cancerous cells and can reverse the LSD-1 binding. Led by Dr Damon Reed,  an renowned pediatric oncologist in the treatment of Ewing sarcoma, Salarius will begin  human clinical trial in  patients in late 2018 diagnosed with  Ewing sarcoma a rare pediatric bone cancer.

The treatment is an LSD-1 inhibitor delivered orally. Salarius believes that their unique proprietary mode of effect to the molecule involved in  LSD-1 inhibition will be safe and effective negating the levels of toxicity of early LSD-1 inhibitors .  Additionally, Salarius Pharmaceutical believes their unique therapy may be applicable to prostate, breast and ovarian cancers. 

 Salarius Pharma announced an agreement to a reverse merger with Flex Pharma and when completed will be listed on Nasdaq as Salarius Pharma. 


ProteoSense is focused on using its licensed biosensor technology RapidScan to find food borne pathogens for the purpose of food safety testing. ProteoSense's high-sensitivity system detects food borne pathogens such as; Salmonella, Campylobacter, E.Coli, and Listeria.  Taylor Farms, a strategic partner is working with ProteoSense in developing RapidScan for the detection of Listeria with the goal of reducing total test time from 3 to 4 days to less than 90 minutes.

RapidScan system is applicable across the food safety landscape including dairy, poultry, and meat processing and could also be used in other areas such as biomedical and environmental testing.

New View Surgical


New View Surgical is an early-stage surgical visualization company focused on the development and commercialization of the VisionPort (TM) System, a novel imaging system for minimally invasive surgery.  The company's proprietary VisionPort(TM) System combines four instruments into one and is being developed as a disposable device.  It enters as a tracer, functions as a laprascope and deploys as a camera and instrument channel.

The VisionPort(TM) System gives the primary surgeon total control of the surgical instruments and visualization as it provides a full, straight on view of the tissue and instrument tips at all times.

VisionPort will provide efficiency and ease of use for surgeons, enhance patient safety and lower the cost of surgery for hospitals.


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